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About CyberFreight

Hi-Tech Freight Solutions is an Australian software developer with an international focus. Our leading product, CyberFreight, is tailored for freight forwarders and customs brokers. This means specialised industry software solutions that deliver real results globally. We anticipate the needs of this dynamic industry through a highly experienced and dedicated team that specialises in logistics systems. Hi-Tech Freight Solutions have been delivering cutting-edge software for the international logistics industry since 1997. Our solutions are designed to provide the accuracy, speed and cost-efficiency that is vital for freight forwarders and customs brokers in today's fast paced global environment.

Our innovative management systems have been tested and proven for organisations of all sizes. Our sites span hundreds of locations across Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Fiji.

Customers are our top priority. We believe a strong commitment with a collaborative approach is the best way to help your business and ours. At the same time, our experience and innovation mean we are well placed to anticipate the needs of a dynamic industry. With Hi-Tech Freight Solutions, you have a partner you can depend on.

CyberFreight developed by Hi-Tech Freight Solutions is an Australian software development company

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